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The MADNESS project aims at the definition of innovative system-level design methodologies for MPSoC embedded systems, extending the classic concept of design space exploration to cope with high heterogeneity, technology scaling, system reliability and multi-application domains.
MADNESS will focus on improving Embedded Systems design predictability, considering new features, such as adaptivity and fault tolerance

Main objectives

The main goal of the project is to define innovative methodologies for system-level design, able to guide designers and researchers to the optimal composition of embedded MPSoC architecture, according to the requirements and the features of a given target application field. The proposed approach will tackle the new challenges, related to both architecture and design methodologies, arising with the technology scaling, the system reliability and the ever-growing computational needs of modern applications.

The proposed methodologies will extend the classic concept of design space exploration to:

  • Improve design predictability, bridging the so called "implementation gap", i.e. the gap between the results that can be predicted during the system-level design phase and those eventually obtained after the on-silicon implementation.
  • Consider, in addition to traditional metrics (such as cost, performance and power consumption), continued availability of service, taking into account fault resilience as one of the optimization factors to be satisfied.
  • Support adaptive runtime management of the architecture, considering, while tailoring the architecture, new metrics posed by novel dynamic strategies and advanced support for communication issues that will be defined.

Local project investigator

Andy Pimentel


  • Università degli Studi di Cagliari, Italy
  • Università della Svizzera italiana, Italy
  • Silicon Hive, the Netherlands
  • Lantiq, Germany
  • Universiteit Leiden, the Netherlands
  • Informatik Centrum Dortmund, Germany
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